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Sportsmen’s Heritage Act is a
the Wilderness Act.

Tell Your Senators to
Oppose HR 4089.

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The Sportsmen’s Heritage Act has already passed the House and now goes to the Senate. This legislation would effectively repeal the Wilderness Act. The wild places that we have appreciated for a generation would be gone.

HR 4089 is a major affront to all that we stand for. It is a debasement of our national character. Please tell your senators to oppose this legislation with all their powers.

HR 4089 would give hunting, fishing, recreational shooting, and fish and wildlife management top priority in Wilderness, rather than protecting the areas’ wilderness character, as has been the case for nearly 50 years. This bill would allow endless, extensive habitat manipulations in Wilderness under the guise of “wildlife conservation” and for providing hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting experiences. It would allow the construction of roads to facilitate such uses and would allow the construction of dams, buildings, or other structures within Wildernesses.It would exempt all of these actions from National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review.Finally, HR 4089 would remove Wilderness Act prohibitions against motor vehicle use for fishing, hunting, or recreational shooting, or for wildlife conservation measures.

WildEarth Guardians action page

Senators’ contact information

HR 4089 ( – gives details of the bill and lists its sponsors)


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