YES, I want to support your simple, clear and compelling Voice in the Wilderness.  Your Voice reframes and defines the issues and the debate.  You set the highbar up where it belongs.  We need the Uncompromised Truth as to why we need to Save What’s Left of our already overcut National Forests.  The truth as to why we must stop all further logging of our publicly owned national forests and watersheds

Are you ready to stand up and join us in our fight to save what’s left of America’s precious national treasures? Support our work by making a tax-deductible donation. You can use any major credit card or your PayPal account. Credit cards are also processed by PayPal, but you don’t need an account.

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Keep reading to learn about a variety of other ways you can help support our critical work, including: Bequests, Using you IRA, Trusts, and Planned Giving. Contact the NFC with your questions regarding donations and other forms of support. Thank you!


Our IRS Tax ID # is 93-0977788.  Your donation is fully tax deductible under the law.  Consult your attorney or accountant with any questions or details.


If you prefer, you may print out this form, fill it out and and mail it with your check or credit card information to:
PO Box 2190
Eugene, OR  97402


Cash Most gifts to Native Forest Council are made in cash. The Council is a 501(C)3 organization, which entitles donors to deduct cash gifts as a federal income tax charitable deduction on their itemized tax returns. Donors can deduct up to half of their adjusted gross income. If you cannot use the entire deduction this year, you may carry the deduction forward, up to five years in necessary. Appreciated Securities Gifts of appreciated securities, such as stocks and bonds, offer double tax advantages and increase the impact of your gift. If you’ve held a stock for one year or longer, you can generally deduct the full fair market value of the stock AND avoid capital gains taxes. Real Estate A gift of real estate may allow you to significantly reduce income, capital gains and estate taxes. Real estate gifts to Native Forest Council may include a residence, vacation home, farm or ranch, building lot, commercial property, agricultural land, or undeveloped land. You may choose to deed the property outright to Native Forest Council, a fractional interest in the property or even occupy the property after giving it to Native Forest Council. Tangible Property Gifts of tangible property, such as jewelry, collections, art or antiques can reduce your taxable estate andoffer you an income tax deduction for the value of the gift. If the property has appreciated, you also avoid the capital gains tax you would have paid to sell the property.


Donations of appreciated securities are also accepted.  Please call Tim Hermach at 541-688-2600 for details.


Can you use your retirement plan for donations? Yes, you can use your retirement plan (including IRA, 401(K) and Keogh plans) to make a gift to Native Forest Council. In fact, leaving your retirement plan to the Council can save your heirs both income and estate taxes. Benefits If someone other than your spouse is named as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, these assets may be subject to taxes that can leave your heirs with less than 25 cents on the dollar. By leaving these assets to Native Forest Council, you can avoid these taxes and leave a greater gift for the Council. And a legacy of public lands protection for your heirs.


There are several plans you can use to transfer assets to Native Forest Council, while guaranteeing income (for either a set number of years or an entire lifetime) to you and/or your beneficiaries. Once the term of the annuity ends, or the beneficiary has passed away, the assets are transferred to Native Forest Council. Through gift annuities, you can pass on a legacy of public lands protection for future generations, while enjoying lifetime income, as well as tax, estate planning and financial benefits. When you establish an annuity trust, you enjoy an immediate federal income tax deduction. If your assets have appreciated, you also avoid capital gains taxes. Charitable Remainder Trust When establishing a charitable remainder trust, you transfer assets (cash, securities or property) to a trust. The trust then provides you or an established beneficiary with a fixed income, based on a percentage of the assets. When you establish the trust, you enjoy an immediate federal income tax deduction for part of your gift. If the assets have appreciated, you can also avoid capital gains taxes. Charitable Gift Annuity A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between you and Native Forest Council. In exchange for your gift, Native Forest Council agrees to provide you and/or a beneficiary with a fixed income for life. The annuity provides you with an immediate payout, a charitable tax deduction in the year of the gift and tax-free income on a portion of the payout. Deferred Gift Annuity A deferred gift annuity allowsyou to begin contributing to the Council before retirement and begin receiving a guaranteed income at the age of retirement, usually 65. The deferred gift annuity provides you with a tax deduction for the year the gift is made. Planned Giving Planned giving to the Council can allow you to leave a meaningful legacy for future generations: pristine public lands. Your bequest to Native Forest Council will support our efforts to protect our heritage for future generations, while offering tremendous tax advantages. By donating assets or gifts through various estate-planning options, you can avoid costly gains taxes and probate costs. Our investment advisors are happy to take the time to discuss which plan will best help you maximize your gift. Please send us a note or have your investment advisor contact us about the many options for planned giving. Contact us with your questions regarding various ways to give **Be sure to contact your personal financial consultant for details**