The mission of Native Forest Council is to fully protect and preserve every acre of publicly owned land in the United States.

The Native Forest Council was founded in 1987 by Tim Hermach and other business professionals who were fed up with the destruction of our public lands and decided to do something about it. Since that time the Council has become the leader in the fight to save our publicly owned lands, working tirelessly to end resource extraction and all other destructive activities on the public lands that were meant to be held in trust for all Americans.

Our Motive:
Native Forest Council is dedicated to the preservation and protection of all publicly owned natural resources from destructive practices, sales, and all resource extraction. Commercial timber sales, grazing, mining, and oil and gas extraction all contribute to the destruction and degradation of air quality, wildlife habitat, and of our wilderness areas. We believe a sound economy and environment need not be incompatible, and that current land management practices are devastating to both.

Our People:
Native Forest Council is a nonprofit, tax-deductible organization founded by a group of business and professional people alarmed by the willful destruction of our national forests.

Our Plan:
Native Forest Council is dedicated to the democratic ideal that an informed citizenry can work together to effect positive change. We are committed to educating the public about these problems, utilizing over 84% for programs while using only 14% for fundraising and only 4% for administration.

Our Funding:
Native Forest Council is made possible by the generous, tax-deductible contributions of members and businesses. You can support our work.